Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Psalm 70

You take delight, O Radiant One, 
in gracing me with new life. 
O Beloved, come and renew me. 
Let me face my weaknesses 
and all that confuses me, 
that keeps me from joy.  
from Psalm 70, 
Psalms for Praying, 
Nan C. Merrill 
Photograph:  October, 2018, mural on McAllister Hotel, San Francisco. On that day, I met a friend in the city and we went to the Asian Art Museum to see the exhibit, "Painting Is My Everything, Art from India's Mithila Region."  Such a day of juxtapositions.  The beautiful and inspiring art, the warm conversation with my friend that spanned several hours, young drug users, looking older than they should,  passed out on the street on a sunny Wednesday morning (I now understand the heart breaking description of wasted), and this wonderful mural on an old Tenderloin hotel with a community garden planted just beneath it.     
We are all held and we should not give up on this life too soon, even with all our weaknesses.  Sometimes we simply need to look around. 


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