Monday, January 12, 2015


As I walked by one side of her home, I noticed she had carefully placed a good quantity of citrus peels at the base of of several of her young trees.   I thought of my neighbor Tina, who used to scatter citrus peels around some of her plants.  When I asked Tina why, she replied "Vitamins."  I smiled at the memory.  I saw Mae come out of her house wearing a bright yellow shirt.  In one hand she had a leash attached to a very happy small dog. She smiled and waved, and I returned the greeting. She kept walking in one direction; I in another. I then turned the corner and saw a lovely statue of a sitting Buddha at her front gate. The entry way to her front door was decorated with large poinsettias, several pots of blooming flowers, and some small trees with yet more citrus peels. I then looked across the street to see an older gentleman watching me.  I was concerned he might think me an intruder, so I waved and said good morning.  He crossed the street and asked, "Are you looking for Mae?"  That is when I learned her name.  I explained that I was just admiring the front of her house. 

"She is very nice. Doesn't speak any English, though. I knew the man that built this house.  He had eleven children.  The house is quite big."  We chatted a bit more, and then I took my leave.  

Looking back, I don't think I was quite honest with that helpful gentleman.  When he asked if I were looking for Mae, I really should have responded, "No, I am looking for God."

I think Mae would understand.
Into your hands I commit my spirit,
by you I have been redeemed. 

Psalm 31:5    

Psalm 16

God is my chosen portion and my cup...
You show me the path of life.

Psalm 16:5,11

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year's Blessing

   I woke early on January 1 only to discover that an old friend has returned:  sciatica.  No, at first I did not greet it warmly.  However, as I began my stretches, I realized that in some ways sciatica is indeed a friend.  It reminds me that I have been sitting on the couch too much; not stretching enough, and probably not paying attention to what I am eating.  Really, a pretty good friend that helps to keep me in balance and gives me the feedback that I need.   
May whatever you face today and every day thereafter, please remember that God is always with you.  None of us, no matter what, are ever out of the loop in God.  Therefore, we are always home. Home where we belong. Home with one another. Let us be at peace. 
Happy New Year.     
You, LORD, are my portion, my cup; 
you control my destiny. 
The property lines have fallen 
beautifully for me; 
yes, I have a lovely home.    
Psalm 16:5-6